My Mother, My Inspiration, My Rock

I-Miss-MomToday is the anniversary my mother died at 2:15pm on January 20, 1991. Tears well up every time this day comes as I miss my mother so very much. She was taken from us all too soon and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of her.

I think of all the times I argued and fought with her over the silliest things. All the while not appreciating that she was doing it for my best interest.

How I wish I told her “I Love You” more when she was alive. I thank God that I was fortunate to have received her gift of creativity, imagination, drive, and perseverance. If not for her I would not be creative enough to have my own business and design things that other people enjoy. So many times I sigh and say “I wish Mommy was here … she would have appreciated this design.”

The only thing that washes my sadness away is that at least Mommy is with Daddy in heaven … her one true love and for that I am thankful!

I Love You Mom,


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  1. Khalilah Wilbourn says:

    Awwww Lisa this is sooo beautiful! Such a nice tribute to your mom. She’d be proud of you. I know your mom was a great woman because she raised you. You are a wonderful loving, kind, and given person, although I never met your mom, I just know you’re a great reflection of her. My prayers are with you, your, sister and your brother. I pray for your comfort and peace. God bless you all as you honor and celebrate your mom’s life!

    Love and many blessings,

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