Just engaged? Top 10 Next Steps to do!

Got-Engaged-OpeningCongratulations! He popped the question, you said yes, the engagement ring’s on your finger. Take a deep breath and enjoy every second of the wedding planning process.

Learn from these TOP TEN to-dos—from the fun (getting a manicure!) to the nitty-gritty (setting your budget)—will get you organized, on track, and well on your way to planning the best wedding ever!


Step 1 – Make the CallsMake-the-Calls

Tell your parents that your Prince Charming popped the question and you gladly accepted!

Then call your close friends and family about the joyous news.

Next if you like you can update your Facebook status or tweeting your news.


Step 2 – Pamper your Handspamper-your-hands

Your beautiful ring deserves a beautiful backdrop to show it off.

Splurge on a wonderful and well deserved manicure!



Step 3 – Enjoy the Momentenjoy-the-moment

Being engaged means you get to plan the wedding of your dreams. But it also means that you just committed to spending the rest of your life with your soul mate.

So before starting the big planning production, take some time (at least a couple of weeks) to savor how magically wonderful it is to be engaged!


Step 4 – Appraise and Insureappraise-and-insure

No matter how careful you are, the peace of mind that Engagement Ring Insurance will give you and your fiancé is worth it.

There are two basic ways to do it: As an extension of your renter’s or homeowner’s policy (which would reimburse you for a set amount of cash if you lose the ring), or through a company that specializes in jewelry insurance (which might offer more coverage than a standard homeowner’s policy by replacing a lost or stolen ring).

setting-the-dateStep 5 – The Big Day

The minute you get engaged, everyone will be asking for your wedding date. But in reality, you won’t be able to set an exact date until other major decisions — like choosing (and booking) your venue — are made.

So first, focus on determining a range of dates that will work for you. Engagements average anywhere from 6 months to a year or more. So narrow down the month, season or even to just a year.

Step 6 – The Storythe-story

Everyone will want to know how he popped the question so recapture the magic moment with a story that you can easily retell.

Every detail is important, from the place, the season, time of day, what you were doing leading up to the moment, to what you were wearing. And the emotions you both felt when he asked you as well as his feelings of when you said “Yes!” It’s a story that you and your fiancé will cherish forever!

Step 7 – Start Dreaming

This is the fun part: brainstorming with your guy about the big day – who do you want for the Wedding Party, where to Register for your gifts, setting a Budget, deciding the Guest List and finding the perfect reception place.

the-wedding-dressStep 8 – The Dress

Finding the perfect dress is every girl’s dream and there’s so many designers out there!

So many styles from traditional to modern, flowing long trains, lace, pearls, the choices are endless! Take the time to find the dress of your dreams.

Don’t forget on bridesmaids dresses and flower girl outfits too!





Step 9 – Getting Ideas

Buy a few bridal magazine, search on Pinterest, Google sites that will inspire you on what style, theme and color scheme to set the foundation of your wedding.

Step 10 – Let it Go

When it becomes too overwhelming and stressful it might be useful to hire a professional Wedding Planner or Consultant.

Congratulations again and have a “Happily Ever After” experience!

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