Happy Father’s Day!

fathers-day-main-photoWhat is Father’s Day? Well, Father’s Day is observed on the third Sunday of June. It honors all fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers, and father figures for their contribution. It was created to complement Mother’s Day. It is not a federal holiday. Businesses will be open or closed based on the day of the week, Sunday.

Father’s Day is a time to recognize fathers and father figures who have influenced a person’s life. It is celebrated through cards, gifts, dining out, gifts such as electronic gadgets, sports attire, household tools or time spent together.

To me, everyday is Father’s Day because I had the best Dad ever. An honorable man, who put family first, raised three wonderful and successful children, loved his career as a professor and was a pillar of strength, courage, and integrity. My father was my hero and an inspiration to all that I do and all that I am. I love you Dad and always will.

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My Dad, My Hero

Albert-Daddy-LisaI wanted to wish my brother a “Happy Father’s Day” and to honor our Father. Here is the email I sent earlier this morning.


Dear Albert,

Just wanted to wish you a Happy Father’s Day! It’s so hard to believe that my little brother is a father! Mom and Dad would have been proud of you. You’ve accomplished so much in life, been a dedicated and provider for your family and the best Brother a sister could ever wish for!

Penny and I are going to visit Dad today and bring him red roses … he always loved red roses and Godiva chocolates.

Looking back, it’s amazing how Dad was…

1. He came to the new world all alone and learned a new language, gaining not only a Masters degree at Texas A&M but a Ph. D. at University of Michigan

2. Was always financially conscience. I still remember when he told us that when he was getting his Masters at Texas A&M that he loved to drink Coke for $0.05 but saved the money and drank water instead to start building his savings account

3. He studied long hours and worked many days in the summer at Chinatown in New York to save money to make a life in the US. Through his dedication and persistence he was so thrilled when he became a permanent U.S. citizen and loved anything made in the USA.

4. He was so loyal and loved Mom … his one true love. I remember in the beginning Dad would write letters to Mom every week encouraging her to study so she could come to study at University of Michigan and when she didn’t pass the first preliminary qualifying test, she stopped writing to Dad. But luckily for us he continued writing letters to try again. After months of unanswered letters. She wrote to Dad and agreed to try again.

He saved money and coordinated a date and time to make a long distance phone call to finally get to speak to Mom. Dad told us that when he heard Mom’s voice for the first time, he recalled how sweet she sounded and fell in love instantly. It was then he proposed to Mom!

5. He was loved and respected by so many students and teachers at NJIT. I remembered what a dedicated and patient professor Dad was. His office door was open all the time and he would stay with a student no matter how long it took to make sure the student understood the concept. The teachers and secretaries all admired Dad who was always contributing to the growth of the Engineering Department and the success of NJIT. I never realized how many people he touched and inspired until I met them at Dad’s funeral service. So many people came up to me to thank me for knowing Dad and say that if it wasn’t for Dad they wouldn’t be the success they are today.

Lisa-DaddyHe was and always will be the best Father. He loved his family so much. Made sure we all had a wonderful home to live in, have clothes on our backs, have wonderful fun memories at Great Adventure and Wildwood, made sure we all received a great education and even after his passing made sure we were provided financially.

I miss Dad every day but thank God that we were one of the lucky ones to have known such a great man who touched so many lives. I’m happy in knowing that he’s in Heaven with Mom … happy together again with his one true love.

Have a great day… Love,


Last Father’s Day Card

I made this Father’s Day card for my father in 2005. He was so proud of it he showed all his friends who came over that day to play Mah-Jong. It was the last Father’s Day we celebrated together.

Front Card
Inside Card



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