We Love our Furry Family!

I am a huge animal lover! We have a sweet dog named Honey about fourteen years old and was found lost on a highway one late November afternoon. It was pouring out, dark, lot’s of traffic. She obviously was lost, hungry and alone. Thank goodness our next door neighbor was kind enough to open his car door and she anxiously hopped in. He showed her to his Mom who abruptly showed Honey the door. She was so dejected. But luckily my husband heard all the commotion from an opened window. He called our neighbor to see Honey. Well my husband has a soft spot for any helpless animal so he had Honey follow him back to our house. About that time I was on my way home from work and called to ask what he wanted for dinner. My husband said how about a big bag of dog food. I said “We don’t have a dog?” And my husband said, “We do now!” That was over 14 wonderful years ago. And below is our baby… Honey!


And here is some of our favorite videos courtesy of Too Cute! featured on Animal Planet

Click on photos below to view and prepare to laugh. Enjoy!

Animals Sing “12 Days of Christmas”

America’s Cutest Cat- Surprise Kitty!

Great Dane Welcomes Home Soldier


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