Popular Girls’ Birthday Themes


It’s your little girl’s birthday … yeah! Now to decide what theme it should be. Here are the TOP TEN popular birthday party themes we love …

1. Princess Birthday Theme


Almost every little girl dreams of being a princess. It’s so much fun wearing a magical dress, donned with her glittery tiara and having a fabulous time with her royal subjects. Plan a majestic celebration for your little princess with any of these popular themes: Disney Princess, Pink Tiara, Fairytale, Castle theme. Throw your little girl a fairytale princess theme party she’ll always remember.

2. Minnie Mouse Theme


Minnie-Birthday-Party-SecondThere is never a dull moment with this mouse! The Minnie Mouse Party is the perfect theme for your pre-teen or teenage daughter’s next birthday! Designed in pink, hot pink and black colors, the Minnie Mouse theme is a lively theme that will add tons of fun to any birthday.

3. Pink Birthday Theme


A classic favorite for little girls … Anything Pink! Here are some of our favorite themes… Pink Paris French, Pink Safari Party, Pink Cowgirl, Pink Circus, Pink Ballerina, Sugar & Spice, Ice Cream, Pink Winter Wonderland, Pink Circus, Pink Easter!

4. Disney Frozen Party


Your little girl with simply melt (and so will her friends) when you throw her a Disney Frozen birthday party! Everything in cool blues, whites and navy. She’ll have memories that will last for a long time … it will be hard for her to “Let it Go!”

 5. Tea Party Theme


Tea for Two? Or Three or more? A Tea Party is a tea-rrific theme for a birthday party. Decorate with little tea cups, serve little tea sandwiches, decorate with faux pearls, and have her little friends don fancy hats and gloves. Re-create New York’s iconic restaurant, The Russian Tea Room, for your little lady!

6. Alice in Wonderland Theme


You must join us in a cup of tea! Throw the maddest of mad un-birthday parties with these curiously quirky Alice In Wonderland Party! This popular theme party can be so much fun to celebrate for your little girl… filled with lots of bright colors, whimsical characters!

7. Hello Kitty Theme


Hello Kitty was created 40 years ago to inspire happiness, friendship, and sharing across the world. Since her first appearance on a coin purse in 1974, she has become a global phenomenon and friend to millions. As Hello Kitty always says, “You can never have too many friends.” And what better way to celebrate your little girl’s love for this furry friend than by throwing a Hello Kitty party!

8. Mermaid Party


You won’t need a sea witch to conjure up a great party. Dazzle your mermaid loving little girl and her friends with whimsical décor, yummy eats, and gorgeous colors of aqua, sea foam, blues, and oranges. Whether your little one is a fan of Ariel the Little Mermaid or just has a fascination with those mystical beings that live in the sea, throw her a magical party she’ll never forget!

9. First Birthday Theme


Make your little girl’s day special whether going for a classic vintage theme or trendy modern one all that matters is that your little girl having Fun at One!

10. Look Whoo’s Turning One!


Whoo’s one? Your little one! Hoot hoot! Let the world know with a bounty of pink party supplies featuring a cute owl.

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