Popular Wedding Themes

When talking about spring or summer weddings, sweet garden weddings with flowers, hot yet funny beach weddings come to mind immediately. Spring and summer are good seasons to hold a memorable wedding because of good weather and beautiful scenery. So how would you prepare your weddings in 2015? It is never too early to prepare a wedding!

Here are some top favorites…

French Paris Wedding Inspiration!


A beautifully romantic, feminine, and sophisticated inspired Parisian wedding is yours for the taking – all with an easy click of the mouse…



Dreams do come true with a Fairytale Wedding!

Themes-Fairy-Tale-ImageA Fairytale / Cinderella Wedding complete with castle, coach, and glass slippers is every little girl’s dream come true. For many of us, only a fairy tale wedding can do justice to a lifetime dreaming about our handsome prince riding up on his dashing white stallion. Think grand dramatic gestures and exceptional attention to detail – nothing is too much when it comes to a fairy tale wedding.



Rustic Country Wedding Creation!

Rustic-Country-Wedding-ImageA down to earth couple will love to celebrate their union with a rustic Country Chic Wedding. For those of you with country roots or love the outdoors, a rustic wedding is the ideal way to show off your simple but chic personality. The venues for a Rustic Country Chic wedding are endless … host your ceremony outside or even in a barn!




Vintage is all about reinvention!

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Skogg
Photos courtesy of Jennifer Skogg

 Vintage Glamour doesn’t always have to be rustic or “old”. We love the idea of keeping things gorgeous and polished with an old Hollywood vibe. Take a look and get inspired!

Vintage is all about reinvention, and there is something positively charming about taking the old and giving it a new lease of life. Who needs to conform to convention when all our heart really wants is to relive the glorious pastimes.

From shabby chic to classic retro, vintage weddings are all the rage!


Relaxing Seaside Beach Celebration!

Seaside-Celebration-WeddingWhat better way to celebrate your nuptials  than having your wedding set at a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere!

Beach weddings offer a naturally beautiful and casual setting that is simply divine without the need for over the top additions.

Keep it simple with a beach wedding featuring all that nature offers … the sound of the ocean, the view of the sunset, the visions of sand and shells!


Tried and true Traditional Weddings!

Traditional-WeddingTraditional weddings remain one of the most popular choices of wedding themes showcasing their elegance, charm, and traditional sentiment.

Tie the knot in a religious establishment whilst you fashion a beautiful white gown and your husband to be a dashing tux.

From traditional attire to traditional wedding songs, this is a tried and tested theme that simply never fails!


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