iPhone 5S survives the Snow!

February 1, 2015 – Two days ago I rushed home from grocery shopping around 9:30am so that my husband could use the car. We just survived Storm Juno that blanketed a large part of the East Coast.

It wasn’t until 10:30pm in the evening I discovered that my iPhone 5S was missing. As anyone who’s lost a mobile phone can attest, panic sunk in. My husband tried calling my phone hoping that I could hear it ring … but it just went to voice mail. Searching all evening I went to bed dejected.iPhone in Snow

I awoke the next morning feverishly cleaning the house even looking through the trash bags … still no luck.

I resigned to the fact it was lost my phone and have to go out and purchase another one. As I climbed into my car. I once more checked around the snow on the ground… then something caught the corner of my eye. I looked down and was amazed to see my iPhone buried in snow and ice!

I shouted with amazement “I found it!” I ran into the house and got my hair dryer to carefully melt off the ice and dry it off. I plugged in the recharger and saw I still had 51% power left. I guess because the iPhone froze outside it must have turned itself off.

Snoopy-found-iPhoneI called my iPhone using the house phone and it worked! I checked all my apps and even emailed myself and it worked too!

I use to be a Blackberry owner and when the time came to decide whether to purchase a Samsung or iPhone I chose the iPhone. It took days for me to figure out which one I liked better.

Now there’s absolutely no question, iPhone hands down is my pick … I am a true believer!

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